This eBook, authored and published by TXOne Networks in April 2023, sheds light on the energy transformation occurring in smart grid-enabled buildings and those pursuing Net Zero objectives. It emphasizes the need for a cyber-resilient smart grid to address advanced cybersecurity challenges arising from smart grid modernization. The report explores cybersecurity trends, potential risks in the future power grid, and the incorporation of minimum requirements for best practices and deployment strategies to mitigate these challenges. Additionally, it provides a historical overview of cyberattacks in the energy sector, highlights emerging vulnerabilities in contemporary smart grids, and discusses new cybersecurity standards being developed for the Smart Grid. Countermeasures to address Smart Grid Cybersecurity threats are also examined, with the recognition that many of these standards are applicable to smart buildings, which are also susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Keywords: Automated Meter Reading (AMI), Cloud & Data Analytics, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Utilities, Zero Net Energy, Microgrid

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