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The November issue of Smart Buildings Technology is out

Endeavor Media has published its latest edition of SBT Magazine, which includes content from ASHB.

Think Tank: How the Smart Home Can Drive Sustainability Efforts

Join us April 25 for a collaborative exploration of sustainability in the smart home. Based on ASHB’s 2023 landmark research findings, this session will focus on how smart homes can be the catalyst for sustainability, bridging the gap between intention and action.

Webinar: Connected Living – Unleashing the Power of Smart Home Security

Join us May 21 for a groundbreaking webinar how smart home security solutions are transforming the way we protect and interact with our homes and visitors. with Joshua Gerena of 2N/Axis Communications.

Webinar: Transforming Facilities Management with Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)

Join us on May 9 for an overview of FDD and specific examples of how organizations are utilizing it to improve the energy, comfort, and maintenance in their own facilities or the facilities they service.