The eBook, authored and published by Planon in August 2023, explores the increasing adoption of IoT in building management. Driven by the goals of cost reduction, operational digitization, and sustainability enhancement, building managers are embracing IoT technologies. With predictions indicating a significant surge to 29.4 billion IoT devices by 2030, the focus has shifted towards optimizing an IoT tech stack within the built environment. This optimization forms the core of a comprehensive smart building platform, unlocking the full potential of IoT solutions. The eBook delves into the opportunities IoT offers for facility managers and real estate professionals while addressing the existing challenges and outlining practical implementation strategies for IoT and Digital Twin technology in the built environment. Additionally, it provides examples of IoT applications for energy efficiency, refrigeration, and other business benefits aimed at enhancing occupant comfort, productivity, and well-being.

Keywords: Building Retrofits, Cloud & Data Analytics, Employee Productivity, Energy Efficiency/Management, Healthy Buildings, Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT), System Integrator, Digital Twin, Refrigeration, BIM, Sustainable Development

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