Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) changes name to Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings

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Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) changes name to Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings (ASHB), pronounced “Ash-bee”


July 27, 2023 — The smart home and intelligent building sectors are evolving, and the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is responding. CABA is proud to announce our name change to the Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings, or ASHB.

“Our new name better reflects today’s smart home and intelligent building industries and our vision for the future,” says the association’s Board Chair Brian Ensign from Superior Essex Communications. “It honors our history while building awareness that we have always represented and will continue to represent the industry and market for intelligent systems in both commercial and residential structures.”

Supporting the smart buildings and homes market since 1988, the association’s mandate remains unchanged: to empower connectivity among people, spaces, and technology to deliver a more livable, sustainable, and efficient connected world. Going forward, we will continue to serve the industry by fostering informed collaboration among our over 350 member companies and creating actionable, relevant content to grow the sector.

“As smart building features move from specialty to necessity, opportunities are opening up across the connected homes and intelligent buildings market,” says ASHB Chief Executive Officer Greg Walker. “Our Board and staff have worked hard to boost growth during this exciting time, which has included finding a name that better reflects our pivotal role in growing knowledge and thought leadership across the breadth of the industry.”


CABA/ASHB is an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of the connected home and intelligent building technologies. The organization is supported by an international membership of over 300 organizations involved in designing, manufacturing, installing, and retailing products relating to integrated home and building technology. Public organizations, including utilities and governments, are also members. CABA’s/ASHB’s mandate includes providing its members with networking and market research opportunities. CABA/ASHB also encourages the development of industry standards and protocols while leading cross-industry initiatives. More information is available at To view the Association’s new brand identity, please visit

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