2023 Smart Home Technology & Market Trends


The purpose of this crowd-funded collaborative research (valued at $40,000) is to define, investigate and make recommendations to industry participants regarding various markets within the Smart Home space. The research will provide a comprehensive analysis of key technical barriers, customer pain points, and adoption challenges in these markets, as well as identify the strategies, technologies, and business models most likely to confront those challenges and drive revenue growth in the future. Access to research is only available to participating funding organizations.


The project will include the following three components:

  • Annual Consumer Smart Home Survey (x1)
    • Target audience: 500 consumers in Canada and USA
    • Survey covering key topics/opportunities to gain annual perspective of operator needs/outlook
    • Co-branded 10-15-page survey highlights report
  • Configured Research Project (x2)
    • Based on Q1 discussions and activities, determine 2 configured research projects to complete, 1/quarter
    • Limited to 100 hours of analyst time per project
    • 2x configured research projects, 15-20-page PPT report with 1 summary infographic per report
  • Steering Committee Meetings (x6) and Other Interactions
    • 6-7 Steering Committee meetings, with minutes and recordings
    • 1:1 meetings with funders to understand needs and priorities
    • Organization webinars for each funder to review research findings
    • Final webinar to review research findings (included in both funding levels)

Configured Research Project Topics:

  1. Smart Home Market Sizing Update and Adoption Curve
  2. Sustainability in Smart Homes

Click here for the full Research Prospectus.


Deliverables will be released throughout the year and are expected to be completed at the beginning of 2024.


Bronze Funder – $5K USD:

  • Full Research
    • All research reports: Annual Consumer Smart Home Survey (x1), Configured Research Project (x2)
    • Raw data obtained from the research
    • Executive summary
    • Presentations
    • Infographics
  • Opportunity to participate in the final webinar with all the funders which will highlight the findings of the research in detail.
  • Invitation to participate in a closing “Think Tank” discussion that explores the research findings and their implications.

Silver Funder – $10K USD (Most Popular):

  • All benefits associated with the Bronze Funder level.
  • Membership on the Steering Committee with the ability to shape the research scope, and methodology, and provide valuable input on the study’s direction.
  • Exclusive one-hour webinar tailored for your organization, allowing attendance for anyone within your organization. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the research findings relevant to your organization.
  • Participation in two configured research projects: The topics for these projects will be determined in collaboration with the Steering Committee.



Greg Walker
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613-518-6742