Authored by Jonathan Collins from ABI Research and released on June 12, 2023, this report delves into the expansion of the smart home market and the progression of its applications, such as healthcare, mobility, security, energy management, and appliances. Consumer trust and the need for security continue to underpin future growth. Device interoperability standards such as Matter and the low-power, low-bandwidth mesh networking protocol, Thread, are noted as essential for creating a secure environment. Equally important is the deployment of digital certificates for devices and associated management platforms. The main takeaway is that the identity of smart home devices will play a key role in enabling a secure system.

Keywords: Access Controls, Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Audio/Video, Communications, Connected/ EV Vehicles, Connected Home, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Energy Efficiency/Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Post-COVID-19, Protocols/Standards, Robotics, Utilities

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