Deloitte’s latest report, crafted by Aditi Rao, Hannah Bachman, Emma Downey, and Dabashree Mandal and published on December 12, 2023, delves into the emerging technology trends poised to shape 2024. These trends are based on forces of interaction, information, and communication, as well as grounding elements of modernization, technology, cybersecurity, and trust. Growth is projected in augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud services. Greater emphasis will be placed on software developers’ experiences to retain technology talent. Modernization will focus on networks, data centers, and mainframes. The main takeaway is that enterprises need to consider all the forces and grounding elements when building a business strategy, rather than being sidetracked by focusing solely on AI.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity/Privacy, Data Networking, Software Development, Trust

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