This White Paper, authored by Chris White and published by Parks Associates for in March 2023, discusses the evolving landscape of the home energy industry and its implications across various sectors. With rising energy prices, consumers seek cost-saving solutions but face challenges due to low familiarity and slow adoption of smart energy technology. The paper explores the role of technologies such as smart thermostats, plugs, and energy monitoring devices in addressing these challenges. Additionally, it examines consumer perspectives on renewable energy solutions and the convergence of security, home automation, and energy solutions. With increased government funding accelerating change, the report highlights opportunities for smart home manufacturers, security providers, and energy companies to meet evolving consumer needs by offering advanced home services.

Keywords: Cloud & Data Analytics, Communications, , Connected/ EV Vehicles, Connected Home, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Consumer Electronics, Energy Efficiency/Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, Utilities, Smart Thermostats, Smart Plugs

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