This report was compiled by Nancy A. Shenker and published by Greenbuild in October 2022. This report has industry experts sharing how their colleagues and the companies they serve can move more quickly to operate more sustainably. Employees are choosing companies that have a clear commitment to the environment. Public awareness of environmental issues rose because of the pandemic. Yet, many businesses may still be resistant to taking steps that promote environmental health. Some companies merely pay lip service to sustainable building and practices. They balk at measures that will cut into their profits or delay or complicate development. They struggle with energy use reduction, social justice efforts, and new LEED construction. The many contributors discuss how they educate, incentivize, and compel companies to add environmentalism to their agendas. Making a case for sustainability requires companies to know their facts and be relentless and creative in advocacy.

Keywords: Building Retrofits, Cloud & Data Analytics, Construction/New Buildings, Employee Productivity, Energy Efficiency/Management, Healthy Buildings, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Internet of Things (IoT), Post-COVID-19, Property Management, Protocols/Standards, Sustainable Buildings, LEED, Business case, Greenbuild 

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