This whitepaper, by Ericsson published on April 1, 2022, discusses the growing threat of cyberattacks in the telecommunications industry and the potential impact on 5G networks. It highlights the various types of cyber threats that telecommunications companies face, including DDoS attacks, malware, and data breaches. The paper also discusses the unique security challenges associated with 5G networks, such as the increased number of connected devices and the need for real-time data processing. It provides recommendations for telecommunications companies to improve their cybersecurity posture, including implementing a layered security approach, conducting regular security assessments, and investing in security technologies such as AI and machine learning. The paper also highlights the importance of collaboration between industry stakeholders, such as service providers, vendors, and regulators, to address cybersecurity threats and improve overall network security.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Cloud & Data Analytics, Communications, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Grid, Training

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