The June 7, 2023 report, authored by Service Works Global, details seven steps guiding organizations in their pursuit of establishing smart buildings. The report showcases use cases and examples to demonstrate the attainability of smart building objectives. It emphasizes several critical factors, including the implementation of integrated workplace management systems, building information management models, digitization, integration of real-time data, and the utilization of digital twins. The main takeaway underscores the significance of adopting a continuous and incremental improvement strategy for building owners. This approach allows for gradual infrastructure investments within budget constraints, ensuring sustained progress towards smart building initiatives.

Keywords: Audio/Video, Construction/New Buildings, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Energy Efficiency/Management, Fire/Life Safety, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Internet of Things (IoT), Lifts/Elevators, Post-COVID-19, Protocols/Standards, Training

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