The June 12, 2023 report, authored by Jonathan Collins from ABI Research, focuses on security and trust challenges within smart homes. It underscores the necessity for smart home providers to incorporate suitable security technologies like digital certificates and associated management platforms. Additionally, adaptable, automated, and compliant solutions will be crucial for providers to offer. The report emphasizes the importance of adhering to market standards such as Matter to encourage diverse system interoperability and establish trust with customers. The primary takeaway highlights the pivotal role of consumer trust and system security in fostering the growth of the smart home market.

Keywords: Access Controls, Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Audio/Video, Communications, Connected/ EV Vehicles, Connected Home, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Energy Efficiency/Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Post-COVID-19, Protocols/Standards, Robotics, Utilities

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