Published in November 2022, this report from Transforma Insights provides a comprehensive definition of smart buildings and outlines their benefits. Notably, buildings contribute to 1/3 of global energy consumption and 55% of electricity demand. The report highlights that smart buildings can substantially reduce electrical usage, including lighting by 35-40%, HVAC by 20-25%, and overall consumption by 10-20%. The report also emphasizes the effectiveness of Bluetooth devices connected via LoRaWAN networks for retrofitting, such as using accelerometers on bathroom stall doors to monitor usage. This retrofit approach is expected to dominate both new builds and renovation projects due to its flexibility.

Keywords: Access Controls, Building Retrofits, Construction/New Buildings, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Data Networking, Energy Efficiency/Management, Healthy Buildings, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT), Large Building Controls/Automation, Lighting Systems/Controls, Mesh Networking, Property Management, System Integrator, Water Management

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