Authored by Amjad Almusaed, Ibrahim Yitmen, and Asaad Almssad, this report was published in MDPI’s Energies Journal on March 10, 2023. The core focus centers on harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) models to enhance the design, functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency of living spaces within smart homes. A case study is presented, showcasing customized temperature control by room to illustrate how AI integration can elevate user experiences within smart homes. The key insight derived underscores the pivotal role of AI in heightening user comfort and substantially reducing energy consumption. This is achieved through enhanced control, elevated reliability, and seamless automation, thereby underscoring AI’s transformative potential in the realm of smart homes.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Association, Audio/Video, Blade/Edge Technology, Block Chain, Climate Change, Cloud & Data Analytics, Connected Home, Construction/New Buildings, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Consumer Electronics, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Energy Efficiency/Management, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT)

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