Crafted by Anritsu and unveiled on December 22, 2022, this report casts a spotlight on the evolutionary hurdles confronting organizations that furnish expansive cloud, networking, and internet services—dubbed hyperscalars—to fellow enterprises. At the core of this evolution lie the propelling influences of 5G technology and the vast expanse of big data, both of which exert a direct influence on network architecture and mandate the implementation of sophisticated testing protocols. The paramount insight gleaned from this exploration emphasizes the indispensability for hyperscalars to forge partnerships with testing providers that actively engage within global standards organizations. Such collaborations, coupled with a commitment to solution development spanning the entire ecosystem, stand as the key to maximizing the return on investment within this dynamic landscape.

Keywords: Access Controls, Architecture/Engineering, Computer/Network Hardware, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Fiber Optics, Protocols/Standards, Smart Grid, Hyperscaler

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