This eBook was authored by individual contributors for each article from the suppliers and consulting specifying engineers and published by CFE media on June 5, 2022. Each article describes the various ways that lighting control systems contribute to flexible, future-proof buildings. It includes suggestions on upgrading existing lighting systems, addressing cybersecurity, and contributing to energy efficiency. Design features for the health care and school buildings are provided. The eBook contributes to the education on the rapid advancements in lighting and controls from both the engineers’ and suppliers’ perspectives. Specifying the right system for each job starts with laying out all the design considerations — reliability, responsiveness, security and scalability — asking the right questions about integration, remote system access and system resilience and making sure the manufacturer you choose has a history of service and support that meets your client’s needs now and into future.

Keywords: Building Retrofits, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Energy Efficiency/Management, Healthy Buildings, Intelligent Building, Lighting Systems/Controls, Post-COVID-19, System Integrator, LED, Wireless Lighting Controls, Digital Lighting Controls

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