The October 2023 report by Ksenia Petrichenko, Andika Akbar, and Ian Hamilton from the International Energy Agency explores grid-interactive buildings, which optimize energy consumption, promote renewable energy integration, and enhance grid stability through interaction with the energy grid. To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, global energy efficiency improvements need to double to an average of 4% per year by 2030. The report explores how buildings need to be flexible with a grid that features expanding renewable electricity and coordinate with the increased adoption of local energy storage systems and electric vehicles. A framework is provided to assess the readiness of any jurisdiction, considering energy efficiency, decarbonization, smartness, and building-to-grid interactions as key elements of a grid-interactive building. The report describes various strategies that can be implemented and offers extensive guidance on available technology solutions across different regions, with a deeper focus on the ASEAN market.

Keywords: Connected/ EV Vehicles, Energy Efficiency/Management, Intelligent Building, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid

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