Authored by Michael Lotfy Gierges of Schneider Electric and published in March 2024, this report presents findings from a 2023 survey on consumer actions to manage energy usage and costs. Most respondents are reducing energy consumption to control costs as prices have risen, with half willing to sacrifice comfort. The report records various actions taken by consumers to conserve energy. The top four considerations for home improvements are energy efficiency, energy security, cooling, and energy independence. Consumers expect a payback for these improvements within 1-3 years, and 30% also aim to reduce carbon output. While most see large businesses and government as responsible for emissions, they recognize their own role as well. The report describes consumer actions to reduce carbon and achieve net-zero energy consumption, with a preference for smart home devices to reduce energy usage, expecting these devices in new homes and apartments.

Keywords: Climate Change, Connected Home, Energy Efficiency/Management, Zero Net Energy

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