This report was authored and published by Consulting-Specifying Engineer and ABB in October 2022. In commercial and industrial buildings, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems often need repair or replacement and the correct system must be specified and installed. To compound that challenge, HVAC systems can use about 35% of the energy load. That means selecting the right HVAC system is of high importance, both to consulting engineers and facility owners. This report discusses the 2022 research that showed HVAC systems within survey respondents’ facilities are commonly challenged with aging equipment that needs updating or replacing (43%), meeting energy efficiency/sustainability goals (33%) and maintenance issues (29%). In looking at these challenges, engineers and facility personnel can address them by incorporating newer, more energy-efficient motors and drives into the HVAC system. The report discusses variable frequency drives (VFDs) and efficient motors and provides case studies that show significant energy and cost savings.

KeywordsEnergy Efficiency/Management, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Intelligent Building, Large Building Controls/Automation, Motorized Devices, VFD, Power Factor, Motors, ABB

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