This eBook, by Honeywell Building Technologies and published in October 2022, highlights the importance of committing to net-zero carbon emissions and provides insights into how businesses are achieving this goal. The eBook begins with an overview of the current state of carbon emissions and the urgent need to reduce them to limit the impacts of climate change. It then discusses the different ways that businesses can commit to net-zero carbon emissions, including setting science-based targets, adopting renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-efficient technologies. The eBook also provides case studies of several businesses that have successfully committed to net-zero carbon emissions, including Microsoft, IKEA, and Schneider Electric. It highlights the strategies that these businesses have implemented to reduce their carbon footprint, including the use of energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy, and carbon offsetting.

Keywords: Building Retrofits, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency/Management, Healthy Buildings, Intelligent Building, Large Building Controls/Automation, Renewable Energy, Zero Net Energy, Sustainability, Carbon Impact, Netzero, Honeywell

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