This report was authored by L. Soininen, M. I. Roslund, N. Nurminen, R. Puhakka, O. H. Laitinen, H. Hyöty, and A. Sinkkonen from University of Helsinki, and the ADELE research group and published on April 20, 2022. Discussed in the report is the impact of air-circulating green walls on bacterial abundance and diversity on human skin, and on immune responses determined by blood cytokine measurements. Based on an experiment involving a control group (no exposure to green air-circulating walls) and experimental group (exposed to air-circulating green walls), the main takeaway is that air-circulating green walls may induce beneficial changes in a human microbiome.

Keywords: Association, Internet of Things (IoT), green walls, air circulation, human skin, human microbiome


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