This report was authored by Sabrina Bochen and Sylvia Lu from u-blox AG, a Swiss company, and published in January 2023. It introduces a new performance standard for the cellular industry deploying the fifth-generation technology called 5G. This paper focuses on communications with IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as sensors using 5G. Most of the standards development for 5G has been on high speed and low latency applications.  A new standard with reduced performance and cost is being developed for IoT applications.  This standards is a product of 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), a consortium of telecommunication standards organizations.  The IoT standard is called 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap). Conforming products may be available in 2024.

Keywords: Communications, Connected Home, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Data Networking, Home Networking, Internet of Things (IoT), Protocols/Standards

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