Published in November 2022, this report emerged within the context of the SmartBuilt4EU project’s task force 2: Efficient building operation, backed by funding from the European Commission. Central to this paper is the exploration of smart technologies’ potential in mitigating buildings’ environmental impact during their operational phase. The report conducts a comprehensive literature review of prevailing tools and strategies for optimizing building cost and performance. Notably, it delves into barriers hindering the realization of smart construction and proposes actions to harness driving forces—such as fostering common Life Cycle Cost Analysis methodologies, piloting smart systems, and expanding building certification schemes. The report underscores the urgency for the construction value chain to address research and innovation gaps in smart building implementation and prioritize workforce education and upskilling.

Keywords: Construction/New Buildings, Energy Efficiency/Management, Intelligent Building, Large Building Controls/Automation, Protocols/Standards, Life Cycle Assessment

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