Authored by Su-Yang Wu, Qian Meng, Yeh-Cheng Chen, Saru Kumari, and Chien-Ming Chen, this report entered the pages of the MDPI Mathematics Journal on April 30, 2023. It delineates the formulation of a secure authentication scheme for the smart home realm, guaranteeing exclusive access to legitimate users of smart devices. Grounded in authentication and key agreement (AKA) principles, along with software guard extensions (SGX) technology, the scheme adeptly curbs insider attacks. The key takeaway resonates—authentication schemes stand to benefit from integrated approaches, like multi-factor authentication and biometrics, enhancing their robustness and efficacy.

Keywords: Access Controls, Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biometrics, Block Chain, Communications, Construction/New Buildings, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Consumer Electronics, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Energy Efficiency/Management,
Internet of Things (IoT), Protocols/Standards, Smart Cities, Smart Grid

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