Authored by Mohammad Ehsanifar, Fatemeh Dekamini, Cristi Spulbar, Ramona Birau, Moein Khazaei, and Iuliana Carmen Barbacioru, this report premiered in the MDPI Sustainability Journal on March 13, 2023. It outlines a waste management and energy efficiency model for smart homes, employing the Internet of Things (IoT). The model factors in energy costs, inhabitants, house size, waste generation sources and rates, as well as waste transfer stations. The report’s core takeaway underscores that the IoT-driven model holds potential to enhance waste management in smart homes, ultimately fostering energy efficiency.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Blade/Edge Technology, Block Chain, Communications, Construction/New Buildings, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Cybersecurity/Privacy, E-commerce, Energy Efficiency/Management, Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT), Post-COVID-19, Protocols/Standards, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Waste Management


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