Prepared by Nviso and released on June 13, 2022, this report delves into the crucial theme of imparting machines with the ability to comprehend humans. Key areas explored encompass human behavior, artificial intelligence (AI), data-centric AI apps, and the frontier of extreme edge AI computing. Within this purview, the report deftly presents diverse use cases spanning domains like smart health, smart living, smart mobility, and robotics. The crux of the matter centers on imbuing machines with the trio of real-time perception, reasoning, and semantics tailored to specific contexts, all to ensure safety, security, and personalization for humans. The main insight resonates with the pivotal role of AI synergized with edge computing as the bedrock for attaining such transformative capabilities.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Human Behavior, Smart Living, Edge Computing

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