Penned by a collaborative team consisting of Christina Aggar, Golam Sorwar, Carolyn Seton, Olivia Penman, and Anastasia Ward, this article, brought forth through Wiley on December 28, 2022, delves into the far-reaching ramifications of Smart Home technology in bolstering the well-being of solitary older individuals. A comprehensive investigation was conducted, encompassing 60 participants ranging from 68 to 90 years of age. These individuals engaged in a personalized 12-week Smart Home technology program. Notably, the research unveiled a substantial elevation in the participants’ quality of life subsequent to their adoption of Smart Home technology. The paramount insight gleaned from this exploration underscores the pivotal role played by Smart Home technology in enhancing the quality of life for elderly individuals, notably augmenting their sense of accomplishment and fortifying their perception of future security.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Audio/Video, Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), Post-COVID-19, Smart Cities

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