This report, authored by Stuart Carlaw of ABI Research and published in December 2021, presents key critical trends that will likely materialize in 2022 and those that will not. Main takeaways include supply chain issues and a prediction that 5G will continue to struggle in the enterprise sector. Furthermore, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) will accelerate precise location technologies to the mainstream, and the Chinese vendor community will retain its stranglehold on the Internet of Things (IoT) module market. Overall, 2022 will be promising and full of opportunities.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Audio/Video, Block Chain, Climate Change, Cloud & Data Analytics, Communications,  Control & Monitoring Equipment/Sensors, Cybersecurity/Privacy, E-commerce, Energy Efficiency/Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Lifts/Elevators, M2M, Post-COVID-19, Processors/Semiconductors,  Protocols/Standards, Robotics, Smart Cities, Software Development 

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