This report by Denver Net Zero from May 2021 describes how upgrades in terms of automated shades and advanced lighting will help the energy effectiveness of building lighting systems as well as healthy working environments. Five key steps are outlined: 1. Focus on occupant improvements, what needs are not being met by the building; 2. Engage a single entity to provide turnkey design, installation, commissioning, and long-term system support for the system; 3.Get stakeholders at the table early, including the IT department, facilities managers, and key occupants and staff.  Communicate the benefits of the new systems to generate buy-in from occupants; 4. When conducting a cost-benefit analysis of system upgrades include occupant health benefits such as improved comfort, well-being, and productivity.  Pursue energy efficiency incentives to support the project; 5.Maximize your savings by bundling HVAC retro-commissioning, lighting upgrades, advanced lighting controls, and other advanced technology solutions.
Keywords: Building Retrofits, Climate Change, Employee Productivity, Healthy Buildings, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Lighting Systems/Controls

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