This White paper authored by Placer Labs, Inc. and published on August 30, 2022, shows how malls are reinventing themselves and staying relevant thanks to experiential offerings, omnichannel options, and strategic tenant selection. Many began to predict the demise and downfall of malls, and that narrative intensified as online shopping grew in popularity. The rise of big-box stores, a focus on “services, not things,” and COVID-19 only accelerated these trends. And after two years of isolation and a new, pandemic-induced wave of suburban relocation, malls’ potential to bring people together is more prized than ever. Some shopping centers are turning to entertainment to draw crowds into their doors. Others are focusing on offering a full visitor experience that extends beyond simply grabbing a new shirt or a burger at the food court. Top-tier malls are turning to innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game.

Keywords: Construction/New Buildings, E-Commerce, Intelligent Building, Post-COVID-19, Property Management, Shopping Malls, Omni Channel, Entertainment

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