This eBook on Lighting and Lighting Controls was published by CFE Media on May 2, 2022. For non-residential buildings, lighting is controlled by smart networks of “internet of things” devices — relays, occupancy/vacancy sensors, photocells, button stations, touchscreens, etc. — that optimize lighting conditions and energy use dynamically according to performance-based design parameters. This eBook has articles and case studies from the contributors, on the issue of lighting sequence of operations, wireless controls, health care lighting, networking of lighting, code compliance, and energy-efficient lighting with daylighting. Lighting and its controls need to address the visual comfort and productivity of the occupants and the possible energy savings that can be achieved with smarter lighting and controls.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Employee Productivity, Energy Efficiency/Management, Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT), Large Building Controls/Automation, Lighting Systems/Controls, Motorized Devices, Uline, SimplySnap, Building Envelope, Filters

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