This Smart Buildings eBook was authored by Aaron Szalaj, Bob Swanger, Timothy Howe, Marcus Myers, and Jeri Pickett from the Consulting-Specifying Engineers, Stantec, and Reliable Controls. It was published by CFE Media on March 29, 2022. This eBook discusses; The five steps to BAS replacements; Engineering with automated fault detection and diagnostics; The Art of Building Sustainability; Deliver smart buildings using CSI Division 25, commissioning; Tap into a building automation system’s data and maximize investment; a video link to Designing smart buildings. Today’s available BAS connectivity just didn’t exist when most commercial buildings were constructed. Antiquated systems typically used proprietary technology platforms available only through a stand-alone terminal with obscure terminology and simple graphics, which means, not much data from the facility was used to improve building performance. This paper shows how consulting engineers can help owners optimize their existing investments while taking advantage of new technology.

Keywords: Architecture/Engineering, Blade/Edge Technology, Building Retrofits, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Employee Productivity, Energy Efficiency/Management, Intelligent Building, Internet of Things (IoT), Large Building Controls/Automation, Protocols/Standards, System Integrator, Water Management, CSI Division 25, Commissioning, Reliable Controls, Stantec

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