This White paper was authored and published by Samsung Electronics America Inc. and published on November 22, 2021. The paper shows that given remote work is here to stay, the future of hybrid work in government needs to be compliant in end-to-end solutions that empower agencies to achieve their missions more effectively. Samsung, the global leader in mobile, audio, and visual technology is helping governments improve their digital technologies creating a more secure and productive environment for all. They quote a McKinsey report that details what technology investments will enable the federal government to sustain a secure, productive, and resilient hybrid work model. These include mobile hardware, enterprise collaboration software tools, cloud security, and physical technology.  A hybrid model can only be effective if conference rooms are outfitted with audio and visual equipment and high-speed Wi-Fi to support seamless collaboration. Remote work is not only favorable from an employee satisfaction and productivity standpoint but for economic and environmental reasons, too. Global Workplace Analytics estimates that making a government-wide shift to half-time telework could save taxpayers $11 billion a year in real estate, improved productivity, disaster outage prevention, lowered absenteeism and decreased turnover.

Keywords: Audio/Video, Communications, Connected Home, Cybersecurity/Privacy, Distance Learning/Training, Employee Productivity, Energy Efficiency/Management, Home Assistants, Home Networking, Intelligent Building, Software Development, Hybrid Work, Remote work

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