This report was developed by Alvin NG from Johnson Controls, and published in 2021. It was written to justify the synergy between sustainability and digitalization. It is known that while decarbonization has become the major theme of sustainability driven by emission reduction targets, digital technologies on their own use lower costs and maximize efficiency and productivity as a selling point. In this sense, platforms that rely on cutting-edge software are presented as the solution for buildings to monitor and control every key performance indicator of the operations from a single dashboard. It suggests that alignment of the two strategies, despite its evident benefits, can still be a challenging task; in particular, due to the variety of systems and volume of data in today’s buildings. Nonetheless, early adopters of this approach will be in a better position to face the demands of a low-carbon future.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Climate Change, Cloud & Data Analytics, Data Networking, Healthy Buildings, Intelligent Building, Software Development


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