This September 2020 report from ACEEE examines how to address the current skills gap related to high performance buildings. Facility managers, building operators, engineers, equipment installers, and other onsite technicians all face new skill and knowledge demands that professionals can prevent high-performance buildings from delivering on their promise, adversely impacting their energy savings, indoor environmental quality, cost effectiveness, and long-term viability. This report has a survey of 111 building owners/managers, operators, tradespeople, technicians, and service providers, five categories of technical skills are essential for the high-performance buildings workforce.
Key words: access controls, artificial intelligent (AI), cloud & data analytics, mesh networking, large building controls/automation, HVAC, intelligent buildings, cybersecurity/privacy, computer/networked hardware, energy management, employee productivity, fire/life safety, fiber optics, smart grid, utilities, training, window controls, water management

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