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The ASHB Members Directory features nearly 300 organizations with activities across the large building and connected home spectrum. Please use the search bar below to find companies that align with your interests. For example, enter “smart home,” “wire/cable,” “HVAC,” or “lighting controls,” to find organizations with business activities in those product areas. You can also type “associations” to find associations only; “events” for conference producers, or “publisher” to bring up just media companies.

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Home Connectivity Alliance

Photo of Home Connectivity Alliance


3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, OR 97003
United States



The Home Connectivity Alliance was established in 2021 with the mission to provide consumers with more options within a safe, secure and interoperable connected home ecosystem.

  • Continuously innovate to deliver simple and elegant experiences with a passion for customer understanding within a holistic connected home environment.
  • Lead and Define the smart home landscape by leveraging our members’ deep rooted expertise in the consumer electronics space.
  • Promote consumer safety within an interoperable connected home environment.