Discounts on Research

ASHB member research organizations are eligible to offer discounts to other ASHB members. Through our discounts on research program, promotional codes are offered for a set percent discount off their research.

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Current Discounts through the Affinity Program

10% discount
Web site

Lone Hansen
Lone (dot) hanson [[at]] bsria (dot) co (dot) uk
225 West Washington Street, Suite 2200
Chicago, Illinois 60606

10% discount
Web site

Maurice Okawaki
maurice (dot) okawaki [[at]] frost (dot) com
7550 IH-10 West
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Office: 210.247.3813

20% discount on
Artech House books
Web site

Andres Carvallo
andres [[at]] 512cmg (dot) com
10535 Indigo Broom Loop Suite 1000
Austin, TX 78733-5716
Office: 1.888.445.5486

10% discount on
Select Publishing
Web site

James Mastrocola
jmastrocola [[at]] strategyanalytics (dot) com
199 Wells Avenue, #108
Newton, MA 02459
Office: 617.614.0751