July 9, 2024

(IS-2024-074) Are Heat Pumps at the Inflexion Point on a Hockey Stick-Shaped Growth Curve

July 8, 2024

(IS-2024-062) A Modeling Approach to Estimating Handprint Impacts – Applications in Grid Management and Fleet EV Charging

July 8, 2024

(IS-2024-053) EV Driver Survey Report 2023

August 16, 2023

(IS-2023-114) Energy Renovations of Buildings

August 15, 2023

(IS-2023-97) Smart Buildings Cybersecurity – Design Approach for Multi Stakeholder Environments

August 15, 2023

(IS-2023-96) Hacking Smart Buildings – IoT Attack Surfaces and Defences

March 22, 2023

(IS-2023-74) The Economics of Electrifying Buildings – Medium-Size Commercial Retrofits

March 17, 2023

(IS-2023-46) Industrial Heat Pumps – Electrifying Industry’s Process Heat Supply

March 15, 2023

(IS-2023-5) Fuel-Switching Hydronic Systems to Low-Carbon with Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

September 7, 2022

(IS-2022-103) State Energy Efficiency Policy in a New Era, A Toolkit for Governors