Looking to the Future: Context Aware Connected Spaces

The ASHB Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following Connected Home Council (CHC) webinar meeting.

Special 30-Minute Keynote Presentation by Nice North America
Tuesday, November 29, 2022  |  12 Noon – 1:30 PM ET

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Description: Paul Williams, Chief Product Officer at Nice North America, will explore Context Aware Spaces and what they mean for the custom install industry. The massive growth of IoT has produced an overwhelming flow of data and services, which has shifted the access control paradigm from a fixed desktop environment to dynamic cloud environments. This, combined with advances in sensor technology and artificial intelligence, has made complex deployments more feasible. Ultimately, by using these sensors, anyone from homeowners to enterprises can create context awareness that leverages device adaptive learning, with a building environment that learns our habits, behaviors, and preferences and operates autonomously to provide the optimal solution. AI-based sensors and security get smarter through learned behaviors and can eventually predict individual wants. No matter where they are, these spaces can change based on the end user’s behavior.

We are closer than ever to this context-aware connected space, where applications will respond and adapt automatically to changes in the home or building and the environment through sensing technology that can detect user proximity or environmental factors. These technologies rely on other devices and technologies such as voice control, data analytics, machine learning, sound recognition, and artificial intelligence to collect data about the home, occupants, and other conditions to deliver an intelligent response. As this technology becomes more mainstream in the smart home landscape they enhance the value proposition of a connected space by providing the awareness and decision-making that moves the market beyond scripted, preprogrammed automation scenes.

Yet, as the market matures, consumers will choose devices that can offer an integrated experience. A multitude of devices from many different companies has caused friction, as not all devices mix well and thus make simple tasks more difficult due to differing AI algorithms.  Despite rapid growth, we are yet to hit ubiquitous mass adoption – leaving plenty of opportunities for installers to get in on the game. During this session, Paul will discuss the path to Context Aware connected spaces (for installers and customers).

The agenda, slide deck, and other supporting documentation will be attached at a later date at: www.caba.org/chc.

This CHC meeting is normally only open to ASHB members, however, guests are welcome to participate.  Working Group Leaders and Task Force Chair will be expected to present an update on their work since the last meeting.


Nov 29 2022


Virtual Event


Marta Klopotowska
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